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The Royal Thames fishing charters specialise in tailored river fishing adventures for anglers of any level. From beginners to seasoned fisherman we can cater our trips to suit both your ability and expectations.
All aspects of Thames fishing are catered for from a relaxing days’ silver fishing, frenetic fluff chucking to predator fishing we will endeavour to meet your expectations.
Thames River guides are committed to offering fishing trips of the highest quality, combining energy and enthusiasm with years of vast experience. Our passion for the Thames and ability to catching the residents that reside in its depths insure you will have a great time on the river.
The advantages of fishing “Old father”Thames on a boat is the accessibility to the prime fishing spots and also allows us increased mobility to the out of the way fish holding areas, it’s also great fun!

  • 23lb Pike on the Thames

    23lb Pike on the Thames

    Huge pike caught using livebaits by Thames fishing guides after a great days fishing on the river in London
  • 3lb Perch caught on the Thames

    3lb Perch caught on the Thames

    big perch caught in London on the river Thames to James Clark after drop shotting minnows
  • 4lb3oz Perch from the River Thames

    4lb3oz Perch from the River Thames

    Great Perch caught on the River Thames using live baits at dusk form Thames Fishing Guides boat in London
  • 5lb perch from London River

    5lb perch from London River

    Huge 5lb perch caught using livebaits on the river Thames in London at the Kingston stretch
  • Charter fishing on the Thames

    Charter fishing on the Thames

    Charter fishing with guides fot day outs after predator fish like perch, zander and pike all London residents of the Thames
  • Zander caught on the river Thames

    Zander caught on the river Thames

    big zander caught on the river thames after using a small roach livebait to tempt the predator at last light next to a London bridge

Areas of the Thames fished include
slacks,weirs,locks, overhangs,structure,foam,shelves,gulleys, drop-offs,wrecks,dead trees etc





We have the best full equipped boat on the Thames providing unrivalled room and comfort for father and son days out, group trips or lone fisherman

  • All clients must wear a buoyancy aid or life-jacket when on the water, these will be supplied
  • Never jump or swim in the river – the Thames has very strong under currents!
  • Boats can be unstable so take care when stepping into or out of the boat.
  • Passengers must be seated with arms/hands in boat when moving.
  • Make sure you have suitable clothing and footwear. Check out the weather forecast so you are fully prepared.Sunscreen in the summer water proof jackets, warm clothing in the winter
  • All passengers are responsible for their own safety and the safety of their possessions.
  • All persons are expected to treat the wildlife and environment with respect. Please remember to take all litter with you and dispose of in the appropriate bins.
  • Please treat the fish with the respect that they deserve in handling and placing back, we do not keep the fish
  • No glass bottles permitted on the boat, cans are fine.
  • Portable heating, lighting or electrical equipment or anything that may cause danger to the boat, its occupants or equipment are not permitted on-board the boat. No barbeques to be operated on board the boat.
  • We do not allow on the boat at any time more persons than the maximum number as advised at the demonstration at start of trip

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