Fish Species and Methods



Fishing the River Thames from a boat provides unparellel advantages with regards to the wide array of species we can target and the various methods we can employ to maximise our chances of catching that fish of a lifetime.
The wonderful aspect of fishing on “Old Father” is that the next bite could easily become your new personal best or a fish species that you havent caught before.There are a reported 125 species of fish from Teddington to the Thames Estuary and we will be targeting anything with fins! Our main focus will be the most common species of the non-tital stretch which include Pike,Perch,Zander,Barbel,Carp,Chub, Bream and catfish!

  • Big Thames Pike at 23lb

    Big Thames Pike at 23lb

    Great big pike caught on The River Thames in London after a great days sport with the boat banking 5 pike and 7 Perch with this croc the highlight of the day
  • pikes head on the Thames London

    pikes head on the Thames London

  • Johan with river thames Pike

    Johan with river thames Pike

  • pike close up from the Thames River in London

    pike close up from the Thames River in London

  • pike from the Thames

    pike from the Thames

  • The Pike that ate the Pike that ate the Pike

    The Pike that ate the Pike that ate the Pike

    After having a take on a gudgeon by a jack pike a small 4lb jack Pike then took that Jack who was then in turn-taken by a 19lb Pike
  • The Pike that ate the pike that ate the pike!

    The Pike that ate the pike that ate the pike!

  • Pike waiting to attack

    Pike waiting to attack

    A beautiful pike ready to snap at a well presented lure on The River Thames in London

PIKE (esox lucius)

Best Times: JUNE-MARCH
Thames record :34lb20z
METHODS: Lures, Spinning, Dead baiting, Wobbling,Live baiting,Fly fishing
The main quarry for The Royal Thames Fishing Charters the pike is obliging throughout the fishing season with advantages at all times of the year! Lean and mean in the summer seasons, the pike proudly dispays feats of acrobatics including tail-walking and provides frenetic and energetic sport, in the winter months the females become much weightier and the best time of year to catch a real crocodile.

  • 5lb Perch on Livebait

    5lb Perch on Livebait

    massive perch caught on live baits after a great days sport and included 3 x 3lbers until this old sergeant major snaffled the well presented gudgeon
  • 3lb Perch River Thames

    3lb Perch River Thames

    London angler with a fantastic 3lb summer Perch that snaffled a well placed minnow under a overhanging tree only accessible from the boat on the River Thames
  • 4lb 3oz Perch

    4lb 3oz Perch

    guided fishing from the boat ended the perfect days sport with this wonderful fish that fell to a roach livebait presented amongst the snags identified from the fishfinder

PERCH (Perca fluviatilis)

Best Times: JUNE-MARCH
Thames record: 6lb4oz
Methods: worms,maggot,prawns,drop-shotting,minnows,lures,spinning,live baiting,flyfishing
The perch offers fantastic sport all year around and falls to a variety of methods.The Thames is the place to go for BIG perch with several 5lbers turning up to lucky anglers every year.Although dawn and dusk are the key times for perch activity the boat offers unique access to the perch lairs so catching perch mid-day is not uncommon.The best time of year to target the real lunkers is January through to March and can be targeted during a predator session alongside Crocs and Zeds.

  • 7lb Zander

    7lb Zander

    Zander caught at last light in London just minutes from reeling in and calling it a day! a well presented roach deadbeat fooled this Zed on teh River Thames
  • Zander from the Thames

    Zander from the Thames

    Close up of the fanged vampire of the Thames, can you fool this predator into taking your bait? find out with the Thames River Guides

ZANDER (Sander lucioperca)

Best Times: JUNE-MARCH
Thames record: 20lb2oz
Methods: worms,maggot,droshotting,minnows,lures,spinning,live baiting,flyfishing
The Zander is often misunderstood and accused of being an invasive species however the records dicate that the first Zander arrived on our shores in 1878! The zander offers fantastic sport for the enthusiastic pred hunter and can often prove to be a very worthwhile adversary where delicate takes can turn into a battle of wits.Well known as a nocturnal predator the fish finder becomes increasingly handy to find those deeper dark holes ,structures and shelves where the Zander love to reside during the day.

  • dave with massive barbel from the Thames

    dave with massive barbel from the Thames

  • Dave with huge barbel

    Dave with huge barbel

  • barbel from the Thames river

    barbel from the Thames river

  • barbel from the Thames

    barbel from the Thames

    hard fighting barbel from a boat on the river Thames in London

BARBEL (Barbus barbus)

Best Times: JUNE-MARCH
Thames record: 18lb2oz
Methods: worms,maggot,worm,corn,pellet,boilies,
The mighty Barbel, king of the river and the most iconic of the river species. The Barbel is a hard fighting warrior which we can target right into the froth of the weirs as our boats provIde unique access to the best areas of the Thames.Certainly not a delicate feeder we will be in no doubt when a barbel picks up the bait as the rod will most likely whack around as the barbel bolts.

  • Carp from the Thames

    Carp from the Thames

    Big nomadic river carp from The river Thames in London after hoovering up free offerings the sweetcorn proved to be the downfall of the scaley mirror carp
  • late night Thames Carp

    late night Thames Carp

  • Big carp reside on the River Thames

    Big carp reside on the River Thames

    Big plated mirror from the River Thames in London! what a river!

CARP (Cyprinus carpio)

Best Times: JUNE-MARCH
Thames record: 43lb2oz grass carp:30lb10z crucian:4lb2oz
The most popluar fish in England and an obsession for many anglers the Thames is renowned as a big carp river with both native and escapees swimming along vast stretches of the river with reports of nomadic carp using the locks. The wonderful aspect of carp fishing the river as opposed to lakes is that we simply do not know what we will catch next and the fight from a river cap is rivalled only by Barbel and catfish.Carp do appear from time to time as a species of oppurtunity but the serious carper will need to focus and try not to get distracted by the other species on offer from the boat.

  • thames tributary chub

    thames tributary chub

  • Thames Chub

    Thames Chub

    A Thames chub falling to free lined bread under a moored boat, a hotspot for this greedy fish
  • Thames Chub on Bread

    Thames Chub on Bread

    A greedy Thames Cub caught from a tributary of the River Thames

CHUB (Squalius cephalus)

Best Times: JUNE-MARCH
Thames record: 9lb4oz
Methods: worms,maggot,dropshotting,minnows,lures,spinning,live baiting,flyfishing,corn,pellet,surface,meat
The Chub is spread throughout the Thames and grow to truly gigantic proportions on the river.Well known for feeding in the coldest weather we will target chub as a species of opportunity particularly in the well known hotspots such as overhangs, in and around marinas and moored boats where a constant food source is available.

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